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Words from the Team


david-boyington-square “We have good people here.”
– David Boyington, Maintenance Technician
randy-boyington-square “I like the challenge to make things work.”
– Randy Boyington, R&D Technician
 charlie-bell-square  “I think it’s a great company to work for.”
– Charlie Bell, Wiring Bench Assembly Operative
 shay_harris  “I like learning about our products and working with customers.”
– Shae Styron, Aftermarket Customer Care Agent
 liz-newman-square  “I like to work here because I enjoy the family atmosphere among employees and
the support we get in our careers and personal development.”
– Liz Newman, Customer Care Supervisor
elizabeth-bridges-square “I enjoy working at Quincy Compressor because I feel my talents are valued and used
effectively. I am proud to be a part of a company that is known for its prestige and is
continually striving for excellence. I like knowing that I have a role in pursuing
opportunities and accomplishing objectives that make a difference in the future success
of the company.”
– Elizabeth Byrd, Business Applications Administrator & Developer
 jon-davis-square  “Quincy Compressor truly cares about professional and personal growth. They strive
to nurture your professional future through training and advancement opportunities.”
– Jon Davis, Inside Sales Team Leader


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